Refer a friend

We’re accepting new patients! Know someone looking for a friendly family dentist in the Ogden area?

For every family you refer, get a gift certificate to Great Harvest Bread.

Have your friend call (801) 475-4700 or fill out the form on this page and mention your name to schedule an appointment.


cleaning for newlywed spouses — free

Just get married? Your spouse needs clean teeth too! We love to see new faces. If you are an existing patient, then your new spouse’s first cleaning is on us.

Call (801) 475-4700 or fill out this form to schedule an appointment for your spouse.


baby fist molds — free

Dr. Tribe will fashion a free mold of your baby’s hand. This is a $95 value, but patients get it free! It only takes a few minutes to capture a memory that will last a lifetime.

Call (801) 475-4700 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment for your cleaning and your child’s fist mold.